If you would like to see how a painting looks on your wall before investing, send me a photo of the room, choose a painting (up to four), and I will send you the sample within 48 hours.

1. Take a Photo

Using your phone or camera, take a photo of the wall or area you would like the art placed.

You can send up to 4 walls.

2. Choose the Artwork

Add the name of the painting you’re interested in.

You can choose up to 4 pieces.

3. Upload or Send Your Images and Choices

You can use the form to the left, or send via email or phone.


Phone (WhatsApp): +61 13 393 8412

A Broken Heart
$1,100.00 * Contact me for Malaysia price...122cm x 92cm, acrylic and charcoal on canvas.
Thanks for the Appel, Mr Karel
$1,500.00 * Contact me for Malaysia price.
Heaven & Hell: A Rotating Conundrum
$950.00 * Contact me for Malaysia price.
The Consequence of Trying to Hide in the Ocean
$950.00 * Contact me for Malaysia price. 100cm x 75cm, acrylic on canvas.
Skull 1.2
$1,100.00 * Contact me for Malaysia price.