Once you had it all
ambitions laid before you
dreams achieved

Touring the world
without a hinder
Laying your own claim
like an ancient conqueror

Always a full stomach
no question for the morrow
Your body strong
feasting on delights

Progress was paramount
achievements plenty
Objectives reached
the crown was insight

And now as the world
clinches it's damaged heart
it has to forget you
but be sure not to become its waste

The light is changing
but first one must endure
the deep, dark trenches of despair

Hunger sets in
your body weakens
Only memories of greatness remain
but at least they aren't figments
of your imagination

Will you survive?
Can you survive?
Scraping the bottom of the barrel
for one, maybe two more
signs of hope

Time is of the essence
rationing is of utmost importance
The changing of the light
can now be seen 
above the trenches

Not quite the end
you console yourself
just a little more time
before rock bottom

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