I’m really frustrated at how some words and terms have lost their true meaning and have been changed at the hands of the mindless snowflakes of the 21st century. In particular the word influencer. It really annoys me that these days mainstream media use this word to relate to unknown imbeciles (to put it kindly), who merely pose on social media; instead of using it for intelligent people who actually make changes to the world and society, for the greater good.

Who are you?
Why haven't I heard of you
Why would I care?
Should I even consider?
just vacant despair

Are you as lonely as me?
Why can't you save me?
imaginary powers that be
You're not really here
but you want all the world to see
Your reflection to the world
fits only in a hand
And the mirror to your soul
is a vacant wasteland

You hope nobody understands
your secret is safe
within the emptiness of
your heart

The hours and minutes
of your day
lay tired from chasing
worthless attention
and vacuous submissions
from those you don't know

What do you do?
Seems a mindless question
for you know not
the reality of life

You value yourself
by the tiny red hearts
without a worry
of how many you break

Einstein and Newton?
You can't comprehend
their Facebook accounts
are absent
no influencers are they
your poor mind weeps

Da Vinci and Darwin?
Will they like me
you ask
their influence
is not enough
for your feeble heart

Plato and Socrates?
Do they have a phone
you inquire
Your brainless skull
finds it hard to 
comprehend true influence
your thinking ends

of that you have no true

Your desperation
chases nothing 
but airwaves
yet you still find the urge
to cling onto
imaginary acceptance

What do you actually do?
the meaning is lost in
the desert of your soul

In your haste to gain likes
you have forgotten
the true meaning
of decency and breath

Oh influencer of the 21st century
one cannot be forgotten
if one was never noticed
Your departure
from online
will surely save humanity

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