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Not Quite Rock Bottom

Once you had it all ambitions laid before you dreams achieved Touring the world without a hinder Laying your own claim like an ancient conqueror Always a full stomach no question for the morrow Your body strong feasting on delights Progress was paramount achievements plenty Objectives reached the crown was insight And now as the … continue reading

“Influencers” of the 21st Century

I’m really frustrated at how some words and terms have lost their true meaning and have been changed at the hands of the mindless snowflakes of the 21st century. In particular the word influencer. It really annoys me that these days mainstream media use this word to relate to unknown imbeciles (to put it kindly), … continue reading


He’s a renegade
living in a world
of love and strength,
weakness and pain
He’ll never be the same.


Dozens of legs Hundreds of eyes Thousands of conversations Millions of arguments Billions of salutations There is no escape cannot find the darkness No walls for comfort In search of freedom can’t see within Desire is languishing buoyant in despair Behold, the darkness the comfort of encapsulation For living on ones own there is but … continue reading

Salutations Mrs Brown

As I sit alone, on my throne
I think of Mrs Brown
secluded in the dark subterrane.



Cum is the essence of life Cum is the zenith of pleasure Cum is sordidness of darkness Cum is the clarity of brightness Cum is the expectancy of pain Cum is the apprehension of fear Cum is the anticipation of hope Cum is the beguilement of desire