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The Artist Support Pledge: A Generous Culture for Artists & Makers

The ARTIST SUPPORT PLEDGE is a culture and economy of artists, and art lovers, led by Matthew Burrows, and started in 2020 in response to the COVID pandemic. It is now a global movement of connected artists and people who like art and want to support artists, in a sustainable economy across social media and the world.

Steve Martin on How to Look at Abstract Art

Watch Steve Martin talking about appreciating abstract art, without the pretentious lingo.

The Beauty of Abstract Art: An Example of How to See it

She immediately surrenders to the ‘cannot’; before her mind, her soul, her eyes realises and accepts the ‘can’. Abstract art shouldn’t intimidate you. It should open your mind and your heart, and make you feel any kind of emotion; whether that’s happiness, sadness, bewilderment, curiosity, queasiness, euphoria, anger, and the list goes on. Unlike realism … continue reading