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The Artist Support Pledge: A Generous Culture for Artists & Makers

The ARTIST SUPPORT PLEDGE is a culture and economy of artists, and art lovers, led by Matthew Burrows, and started in 2020 in response to the COVID pandemic. It is now a global movement of connected artists and people who like art and want to support artists, in a sustainable economy across social media and the world.

Article About Me in Malaysia Expat Magazine (discount code included)

Thanks to Malaysia Expat magazine for a write-up. Although being in COVID lockdown has been quite difficult, especially trying to survive with so many businesses unable to operate, I have been able to get a lot of canvases finished, and put plans into place for a prosperous future.

Amazing Scrap Metal Sculptures in Thailand

“Baan Hun Lek” (บ้านหุ่นเหล็ก) is Thailand’s ‘home’ of towering steel robots and other lifesize and uncannily realistic sculptures made entirely out of recycled scrap metal parts.

Not Quite Rock Bottom

Once you had it all ambitions laid before you dreams achieved Touring the world without a hinder Laying your own claim like an ancient conqueror Always a full stomach no question for the morrow Your body strong feasting on delights Progress was paramount achievements plenty Objectives reached the crown was insight And now as the … continue reading


More art has been sold during the pandemic than the year before it.
Isn’t that strange?

So who is buying all this art? Where are they buying it? And which artists are benefitting from the windfall?

“Influencers” of the 21st Century

I’m really frustrated at how some words and terms have lost their true meaning and have been changed at the hands of the mindless snowflakes of the 21st century. In particular the word influencer. It really annoys me that these days mainstream media use this word to relate to unknown imbeciles (to put it kindly), … continue reading

Steve Martin on How to Look at Abstract Art

Watch Steve Martin talking about appreciating abstract art, without the pretentious lingo.

Karel Appel in Action

Watch one of my favourite artists Karel Appel in action as he attacks a canvas in 1962. I may attack my canvases a bit harder…

The Beauty of Abstract Art: An Example of How to See it

She immediately surrenders to the ‘cannot’; before her mind, her soul, her eyes realises and accepts the ‘can’. Abstract art shouldn’t intimidate you. It should open your mind and your heart, and make you feel any kind of emotion; whether that’s happiness, sadness, bewilderment, curiosity, queasiness, euphoria, anger, and the list goes on. Unlike realism … continue reading


He’s a renegade
living in a world
of love and strength,
weakness and pain
He’ll never be the same.